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The most comprehensive treatment programs

time: 2020-02-10 author:GSG click:4275

Many of us recognize that health is made up of multiple aspects, and if any of these areas are neglected, we are at risk of being “unwell”. To achieve optimal health, we always tend to seek help from different health care providers. However, finding the right practitioner that matches our needs can be difficult and time consuming. When you have gathered your own group of doctors to help you with your health challenges, you may find that they do not work together as a team thus causing you to have multiple and often conflicting opinions. Hence at GSG, our interdisciplinary health care team will help our members to achieve their health goals by providing them a comprehensive treatment program with consensus of all the specialists involved.

A comprehensive plan of care often involves high degree of collaboration among a diverse group of health care professionals, also known as integrated health care. For example, an individual with back pain can be managed by different spine specialists such as chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and osteopaths. It is not always that a person’s health problems can be solved by one practitioner only. Hence, by having a group of integrated specialists can take into consideration of the individual’s condition from multiple aspects, providing a more coordinated treatment plan and better quality of care.